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Archetype Global is pleased to announce that our premiere title, Tesla Breaks the World! will be released in the coming weeks for the PC, Mac and Linux. Tesla Breaks the World is a unique combination of classic 2D platforming, puzzle-solving, rogue-elements and of course…. ZOMBIES!

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  • Pleasuring your eye balls. The art of TBTW! is a unique, hand-drawn style that draws inspiration from classic cartoons, abstract & modern art and the legendary works of Eyvind Earle.
  • Simple mechanics. We’re creating a game that has a simple, yet intuitive gameplay and puzzle design with a clean and minimalistic UI.
  • Inventions & Science. Find new ways to beat puzzles as you progress. Magnifying transmitters, electric-powered hover platform thingies, remote controls and even… “Peace Rays”…
  • Rogue-Like Elements! RNG Or ‘random number generation’. Get some replayability from this platformer with levels randomly generating sectors, puzzles and environments as you play. Limited lives make your decisions all that more important.
  • Homage. Giving the nod to science and art with tribute to the legendary minds of Nikola Tesla, Thomas Edison, Eyvind Earle and more…


Coming soon to Steam!